Laser Scanning Specification for Cultural Heritage

English Heritage, the national body for the protection and conservation of England’s historic environment, has maintained a standard specification, covering all existing types of metric survey for over 5 years. This paper expands the survey methods covered by the specification to include terrestrial laser scanning.

The guidelines have been formulated based on three laser scanning surveys, at different English Heritage sites. The project does not claim to produce the definitive specification for terrestrial laser scanning in cultural heritage as the subject is particularly complex, however it does provide a useful starting point for future discussion and revision.

Definitely worth a look and kudos to all involved for producing this document.

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  1. Donald O'Keefe says:

    It would be interesting to see how this data could be used to assist non profit org’s. in historic preservation. Are there plans to study how the data may be used to reproduce ornate carvings and embellishments of a facade by a CNC file or through moldmaking?

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