Laser Scanning Research Funded in Defense Spending Bill

The U.S. Senate passed a $636 billion appropriations bill Saturday which included an earmark to fund a laser scanning research project. This is good news for NVision, the State of Michigan and the industry. It appears that NVision, a company focused on the short range reverse engineering market will recieve $2 million. A quick look at their website did not reveal any details, but with it being a DoD project it may not be public. It is clear they have extensive experience with the automotive industry. In general, automotive is ahead of most laser scanning applications.

There are arguments on both sides of the earmark debate, but the companies who work hard to be in a position to get this kind of funding should be congratulated. These kind of opportunities are out there. They take a certain level of sophistication to make these projects happen, but it is worth investigating especially if you have an R&D project in mind.

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