Laser Scanning Mt. Rushmore

  1. The laser scanning field work of Mt. Rushmore is complete. (Do you know who the sculptor was?)
  2. The work was done by the Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation.
  3. A tremendous note of gratitude to all involved for making this happen.

Courtesy of Doug Pritchard

Mission accomplished, although it was far from easy. The crews had to deal with 90 degree heat, snow, hail and tornadoes, not to mention the ropes and rock climbing. Seeing the faces up close in the photos is just amazing. I can’t even begin to understand how Gutzon Borglum and his team of 400 workers accomplished this over 14 years of work – truly incredible, and certainly worthy of digital preservation.

My good friend Doug Pritchard tells me that he just returned to Glasgow, and that the terrestrial scanning of Mt. Rushmore was done by the Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation (a joint venture between the Glasgow School of Art and Historic Scotland). Other project partners include the CyArk Foundation (, Respec Engineering ( and Wyss & Associates (

This video in this article is a must see, and this a daily journal. Tremendous thanks to all involved for preserving this monument for all time.

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