Laser Scanning – It’s All About the Details


First of all it is just amazing to me to see the detail in one of these ash frames from a 20’s era Bentley. The woodworking craftsmanship is just incredible. Talk about 3D. Reminds me of my old buddy who built a 32′ sailboat in his backyard. The 3D geometry problems that need to be solved to do that are mind boggling, and he did it all by hand.

Anyway with it being Friday the 13th I am not going to take too many chances today. There is quite a discussion of a project involving scanning a wooden car frame like the one pictured above on the Laser Scanning Forum. What I find interesting is that when you start to really appreciate the detail that is required to digitally reproduce one of these frames that the process is by no means standardized. Modeling each component and each connection is in fact a really challenging problem.

I want to call attention to Michael Raphael’s presentation about reverse engineering a 1940 Jeep. Michael was an early supporter of this blog and continues to provide valuable input. With over 15 years of experience in the laser scanning and reverse engineering business he has accumulated a wealth of experience. I think it is important to note that he designed his project workflow to only use one software package, thereby avoiding potential costly data interoperability issues.

This is the value add that companies provide. It’s not really about the physical scanning process, although there are certainly tricks and experience that can be applied at that stage, but the real value is in turning the data into actionable information on the desktop.  This is where you build your competitive advantage. That’s why those who are willing to share their trade secrets in conferences, forums and blogs should be truly appreciated for their support.

Thanks to all for sharing.

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