Laser Scanning Errors as Art

It takes an artist to turn a mistake into something that people (might) find interesting to observe. In this case its the team of Matthew Shaw and William Trossell, the London-based duo known as ScanLAB Projects, who continue to push the envelope of laser-scanning technology, producing visually stunning and conceptually intricate work that falls somewhere between art and practical surveying.

Their latest show reviewed in Gizmodo called Noise: Error in the Void, utilizes scanning data taken from two locations in Berlin, but-as the show’s title implies-it actually foregrounds all the errors, where the equipment went wrong: a world of “mistaken measurements, confused surfaces and misplaced three-dimensional reflections.”

I can’t say this  show does much for me, but as the old saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Take a look at their website for a lot more interesting content. A very interesting mix of work and art.

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