Laser Scanning and the iPad

Tony Grissim from Leica HDS provided this photo as part of a press release announcing that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation – GBI had purchased a laser scanner. What caught my attention was the use of the iPad as a wireless controller. Wireless operation reduces investigator exposure to harsh weather and bio hazards while minimizing the potential for disturbance of evidence.

These next generation tablets and smart phones are the future of mobile computing – ignore at your own risk.

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  1. Jerry Dawson says:

    We have been using i-Phones as remote controllers for a while now. Many of our scanning projects are in small and confined spaces, where there is no where to hide from the scanner. We can be up to 100 feet away, even around corners, and activate the scanner. The scanner will also create a jpeg of the scan, so we are able to review the data collected before we move to the next location. Great tool!

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