Laser Scanning and Pavement Management

  1. Some of the first mobile mapping vehicles were used to record pavement surfaces.
  2. They used stereo imagery to supply data to pavement management systems.
  3. Bill Herr at Phoenix Scientific, Inc. explains how a dense point cloud is all the data you need.

Some of the earliest mobile mapping vehicles were designed and used to remotely sense pavement surfaces. At the time it was called pavement management, and the vehicles used stereo imagery to crudely, by today’s standards, create a surface image. In some cases this was before GPS.

Fast forward to the present and a company called Phoenix Scientific, Inc. with their “Pavement Profile System”. Bill Herr explains in his white paper that with 3D laser scanning as the foundation technology most, if not all of the data required throughout the full lifecycle of a pavement can now be derived from a dense accurate point cloud.

It’s worth a read.

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