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Laser Scanning and BIM

  1. Laura Handler and Tocci Construction are leaders in VDC and IPD.
  2. They offer a glimpse into the future of the integrated 3D AEC space.
  3. The BIMForum recognizes the value of laser scanning in the move to 3D project delivery.

I was recently on a panel with Laura Handler, Virtual Design and Construction Manager for Tocci Construction, a company founded in 1922. They have some great historical photos on their website to remind us of just how far we have progressed, I think.

Laura and Tocci are leaders in VDC – Virtual Design and Construction and something called Integrated Project Delivery – IPD. The latter is part of an effort to improve efficiency and productivity within the AEC industry by requiring all parties to sign a single contract with the owner/developer of a project. This has resulted in Tocci delivering projects with zero change orders.

The VDC movement is where laser scanning comes in. Identifying firms that are pushing VDC and IPD will lead to laser scanning opportunity. These people think 3D and understand the importance of using the only active 3D survey instrument. 

As part of this overall effort, Tocci is actively involved in the Associated General Contractor’s BIMForum, which in addition to their online education effort also hosts conferences. The next one is in Phoenix, AZ, January 14 – 15, 2010. Laura Handler also has a blog and a website. A recent post there entitled, “Plan for the Scan” provides additional information on the BIMForum and the role of scanning in VDC.

There are a number of other articles on the Q5 web page that provide insight from the contractor’s point of view about the benefits of laser scanning. Really valuable.

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