Laser Scanning and 3D Visualization

Jeff Thurston has an excellent article on the subject of laser scanning and 3D visualization. Jeff points out that the ability to perform complex spatial analysis on point clouds within a GIS is just becoming available thanks to the work being done at Esri and by others.

Jeff wraps things up with an interesting question, “Do we need laser scanning to create 3D visualizations?” What are your thoughts?

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  1. William Griffiths says:


    I’m trying to get unbiased advice that is clear and easy to understand on airborne LIDAR for mapping large areas of vegetated land.

    We have a project that might go ahead in Papua New Guinea over an area of 10,000 ha. We need to map the ground (under vegetation), to get a topographic map which we can then use to do development planning. The alternative is ground work and doing intensive grid work as existing vegetation (old coconut estates and logged out scrub) stops us using total stations or RTK.

    Also be interested in seeing whether we can get estimates of vegetation cover that can be ground truthed to provide details of standing carbon in current non agricultural areas.

    What is required, what costs to rent or buy?, What type of plane can this stuff be put on, how high / low does it have to fly? Costs compared to Satelite images, etc? How difficult is it to manipulate the data into MapInfo, what is the accuracy?


    William Griffiths

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