kubit Developing Automated Piping Software

kubit has been developing software that works with point clouds inside AutoCAD as long as any other third party Autodesk developer. Since the release of AutoCAD 2011 last spring kubit has been working on taking advantage on the new PCG engine. First they released PointCloud Free Edition which added support for ASCII/PTS, Leica PTZ and Riegl .RSP files.

Recognizing that Autodesk will be providing the core point cloud engine functionality, kubit decided to pursue the development of more automated, industry specific tools. The first area that they are working on is plant and piping. The goal for the new product is to to fill the gap between raw point cloud data and the leading intelligent piping software, all within the AutoCAD environment.

For those interested in learning more kubit will be offering a webinar on Thursday, January 13th at 10:00AM (CT) to preview their new automated piping software and to sign up beta testers.

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