Kinect To Revolutionize 3D Imaging?

I think Travis Reinke is onto something very important here.

Kinect, the new controller free add-on for X-Box 360 from Microsoft as you can see in the video is already finding some jaw dropping applications. Kinect is billed as “controller-less motion capture technology which interprets 3D scene information from a continuously-projected¬†infrared structured light“.

But it gets much more interesting when you think about using it to capture “true” 3D video or store 3D point cloud data. This reminds me of the first $100 handheld GPS – all I can say is WOW!!!!

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  1. Bill Gutelius says:

    Gene – very interesting. Since these devices need to “map” their environment to know where they are going, the end result is a dimensionally correct rendering of the scene. While the goal is to navigate without a collision with an object, the robots end up collecting all this 3D data as you point out. Recall that the DARPA Grand & Urban Challenges caused a flurry of investment and technology advances in mobile mapping, perhaps this wave of users “toying” with SLAM and cheap robots will revolutionize indoor mapping. Makes me think twice about dropping a bundle of money on an indoor mapping system…

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