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Kennedy Assassination Report Refuted with Lidar

digital image of Kennedy Assassination in 3D
Illustration courtesy Knott Laboratory

Nearly 60 years after that fateful Friday afternoon in Dallas, Stanley Stoll believes his company has produced new information about the Kennedy assassination.

From an article in The Business Times by Phil Castle.

An illustration depicts the various trajectories of bullets fired at President John F. Kennedy, seated in back, and Texas Gov. John Connally in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. The blue and green lines represent the trajectories from a gun believed to have been fired by Lee Harvey Oswald from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. The red line represents findings by Knott Laboratories of the required trajectory of a bullet to match an entry wound in Connally — and the difference in the angles. (Illustration courtesy Knott Laboratory)

“The case is ongoing, but evidence strongly suggests there is more to the story in this historic event,” says Stoll, chief executive officer and principal engineer of Knott Laboratory, a forensic engineering and visualization company.

The commission assembled to investigate the assassination found Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in firing three shots that killed Kennedy and wounded Texas Gov. John Connally.

Detailing his company’s research in an interview with the Business Times, Stoll says new evidence suggests the trajectory of one of the shots was different from the other two. He offers no opinions about the multitude of theories that have proliferated since 1963, but focuses instead on what he says is the science. “Modern science refutes the Warren Commission’s findings.”

Stoll works from an office in Grand Junction in overseeing a company that’s analyzed some of the most notorious tragedies in history. That includes the car accident that killed Princess Diana, the crash of an Air France Airbus and collapse of two walkways in a Kansas City hotel.

Stoll considers the JFK assassination the “case of the century,” and the analysis an important addition to the company’s portfolio of high-profile work.

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