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Istanbul – World’s Largest Scanning Project

  1. The City of Istanbul is getting a Level 3 CityGML database with over 100,000 scanned buildings.
  2. Cyclone II Topo is much easier to learn and the new Cyclone 7 has been built on a new pcE platform.
  3. The North Sea is still the home of the most sophisticated civil engineering projects in the world.

Dr. G. Buyuksalih, who works for BIMTAS/IMP made this claim during his opening presentation on the second day of the Leica UC in which he described the work being done to scan all of the buildings in Istanbul, as well as adjacent areas. The total number of buildings exceeded 100,000 with data being collected both statically and with mobile scanners. They are now building a Level 3 CityGML database that he demonstrated with LandXplorer. No one questioned his claim to being numero uno – incredible project scope.

One of the details that caught my attention was the use of a vertical “stack” of views of the same street scape, much like a plan and profile sheet, but with the point cloud, a 3D model in CAD, and a rendered image – very cool. This was something that would allow someone not familiar with a point cloud to get their bearings.

Some of the other highlights from the second day included a detailed presentation on the advantages of using Cyclone II Topo, which include support for feature and line coding, as well as layer assignment, but most importantly a much easier learning curve. The presentation by Stein-Erik Mitchell from Aker Solutions clearly demonstrated that the North Sea offshore platforms still represent the most sophisticated civil engineering projects in the world.

The soon to be released Cyclone 7.0 was also highlighted. This new version is built on a new point cloud engine or pcE platform that is a major rework of the system architecture.

Lem Morrison from Mercator Land Surveying in New York City, and a loyal supporter of this blog linked sustainable design to BIM. I am going to save that one for a separate post, but I think this may be the mandate that the industry could use. There was also a very interesting panel discussion about the link between scanning and BIM. It was noted that there is a lot of hype surrounding these topics, but regardless of your point of view it is raising a lot of awareness for both topics. As they say, ” there’s no such thing as bad press”.

There was a lot more, but its time to call it a night.

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