Israeli Wind Lidar Startup Gets $9 Million

  1. Pentalum will receive $9 million in first round funding.
  2. They have developed a LiDAR-based remote sensing system for wind turbines.
  3. It’s another vote of confidence in the technology.

This announcement would certainly be a vote of confidence for the rapidly emerging wind energy business and the need for LiDAR technology. Pentalum Technologies, Ltd., an Israeli firm recently raised $9 million in first round financing to produce a LiDAR system capable of remotely sensing wind. They intend to launch their SpiDAR (catchy name) product in 2011.

The patent pending SpiDAR system will be capable of supporting the 3 primary wind farm applications – assessment, operation optimization and forecasting.

A quick look at the website reveals 2 co-founders with a track record of high tech start-ups. Venture capitalists invest in people, not ideas, so even though this is a competitive market, they were able to raise a significant amount of money.

Kudos and good luck.

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