Is Laser Scanning a Professional Service?

  1. If laser scanning is a professional service then should it be covered by the Brooks Act?
  2. There is also a related issue with scanning and surveying licensure.
  3. If the scanning services are in support of architectural or engineering services then I think Brooks should apply.

First of all my sincere apology to Tina Cary. I provided the wrong link to her website. This is the right one.

On to today’s topic, “Should laser scanning be considered a professional service, and therefore covered under the Brooks Act?” Surveying and mapping services are generally covered by this qualifications-based procurement policy, but those activities are also governed by state licensure laws. Of course, we can also get into a related debate about whether laser scanning services should be performed by a licensed surveyor, which could actually help build the case for Brooks, but we’ll leave that for a different time.

The original act refers to “architectural, engineering and related services”. I suppose from one myopic point of view the answer to the question is straightforward. If the scanning is in support of architectural and/or engineering services than the Brooks Act should apply. I am sure others will see this quite differently, but in the end the reason that the professional societies support Brooks is that it addresses the issue of “low-balling”. And in today’s marketplace this is a significant concern.

As you can see it’s a lot easier to ask the questions then to answer them. However, bottom line for me is if the scanned data is intended for use by by architects and engineers than I think it should be covered.

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