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Is it IIlegal to Fly a UAS in the USA?

It seems that there is a difference of a opinion when it comes to whether the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) here in the U.S. has jurisdiction over unmanned aerial systems. According to a recent post from Adena Schutzberg there are some people who think that they do not.

Peter Sachs in the Drone Law Journal states, “On February 26, 2014, the FAA published on its website a document entitled, “Busting Myths about the FAA and Unmanned Aircraft.” It purports to dispel “common myths,” and provide “corresponding facts.” It does neither. In fact, it’s no more than a rehash of what the FAA has been falsely claiming all along. It again cites no relevant federal statutes, federal regulations or case law to support its claims. Because there aren’t any.”

By the way, a similar argument has been made about autonomous cars.


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