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iPhone 12 Lidar Captures 3D Models for AR and 3D Printing

photo of iPhone 12 lidar
iPhone 12 lidar

Editor Note – The new Apple iPhone 12 lidar sensor is opening up a huge new market much like the low cost GPS receivers did in the early 1990’s. IMO lidar will in the next 5 years pass GPS in use by the general public.


The word ‘Lidar’ stands for Light Detection and Ranging. It is basically a remote sensing technique that utilizes light as a pulsed laser to measure variable distances. In this article, we are basically going to talk about the Lidar which came installed in the new iPhone 12. Primarily, a LiDAR sensor is basically comprised of three basic components: a Lidar laser, a Lidar scanner, and a GPS unit. However, for aerial LiDAR, additional device administers the velocity and angle of the jet.

From an article in Phone World by Usama Anjum.

The laser emanates an outburst of light, which jumps off of an object. The light which is reflected is then gathered by the Lidar scanner. The information received is then contextualized with data readings from the GPS unit, which is also reading the position of the Lidar detector itself.

Afterwards, the time is calculated which the signal takes to get from the laser back to the LiDAR scanner, and multiplied by the speed of light. The value we get subsequent to the multiplying is then divided by 2 as the light had to travel from the Lidar scanner to the object and came back to the scanner. Therefore, it is obvious that the total distance that the laser beam has traveled is twice the original distance from the Lidar scanner to the object or from a plane to the earth. This is how distance is determined by using the Lidar scanner.

Applications of Lidar:

Some of the Lidar applications are as follows:

Determine Distance and Height:

It is one of the most basic applications of Lidar. The apple devices like iPhone 12 pro that is equipped with Lidar has a measuring app as well. It can use just a single LiDAR data reading to determine distance. In addition to that, the Lidar scanner can also use more readings on whole objects and people. For instance, it does that to determine any person’s height.


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