Introduction to LiDAR Training Video

I have been reluctant to promote this introductory¬† training video, which I recorded a few years ago, but people have been encouraging me to announce it. I just didn’t feel comfortable in the studio recording this, as some of you will see. It’s a different experience talking to a camera, but for those new to the industry I think it does have value.

The other issue is that there is a $30 fee to watch the video. I am pledging to donate all of my proceeds from the sale of this video to the New Hampshire Food Bank, a charity that puts every dollar to work.

The video is a basic introduction to 3D laser scanning and LiDAR technology. Please let me know what you think and where I could improve should I decide to give it another try.

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4 Responses to Introduction to LiDAR Training Video

  1. John R says:

    Date of production? Length? Why did you record it in the first place?

    • lidar says:

      I recorded it 2 years ago. It is 90 minutes or so. We had someone interested in creating videos so I did this one as a trial.

  2. Chris Harris says:

    Do you have a short excerpt from the video that you could post to give us a taste of what we will be paying for?

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