Introduction to Lidar – Online Training

noaaNOAA’s Office of Coastal Management Digital Coast is offering a free, online training course entitled, “Introduction to Lidar.” It’s an 80 minute tutorial including the following  topics:

  • Define lidar
  • Select types of elevation data for specific coastal applications
  • Describe how lidar data are collected
  • Identify the characteristics of lidar data
  • Distinguish between lidar data products
  • Recognize aspects of data quality that impact data usability
  • Locate lidar data sources and additional information resources

This self-paced, online training introduces several fundamental concepts of lidar and demonstrates how high-accuracy lidar-derived elevation data support natural resource and emergency management applications in the coastal zone. The material provides geospatial analysts with the information needed to understand the characteristics of lidar that have direct impacts on mapping and spatial analysis projects. A demonstration is included to show how lidar data can be downloaded from NOAA’s Digital Coast.

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6 Responses to Introduction to Lidar – Online Training

  1. Md Reaid Alam says:

    How I can participate in this online training. I am interested to participate ‘Introduction to Lidar’ online training. Please let me know.

  2. Excellent course. Thanks for the heads-up!

  3. Mahesh Dutt says:

    I could not take training on Lidar. Is it possible to get the same some time later. If so, please let me know the next Date and Time for the same.

  4. Ramon Cajal says:

    Where I can obtain insight of LIDAR applications (and potential training) to complement robotics perception in CAV’s applications?

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