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Intelligent Traffic Systems Informed by Lidar

image of Intelligent Traffic Systems Informed with Lidar

Rapidly growing populations in metro regions across the world have created new and pressing difficulties, such as increased road traffic, traffic-related deaths, and higher carbon emissions. This article explores the use of lidar to address these issues through the use of intelligent traffic systems, or ITS.

From Outsight.

For reference, in 2019, congestion costs were estimated to be around EUR 110 billion a year in Europe (1) and USD 87 billion a year in the US (2). On top of that, car sales are globally rising again after the pandemic, with a growth expectation of 2% on average until 2030 (3).

These factors have highlighted more than ever the urgency and importance of multiplying ITS smart solutions.

Vehicle and pedestrian flow monitoring have the potential to make our cities smarter and safer by providing insights that allow them to better allocate resources, cut emissions, and reduce accidents.

However, to be impactful, flow monitoring requires precise perception and situational awareness while keeping citizens’ privacy.

Here is where LiDAR is to be considered among the most prominent technologies.

Unlike existing 2D-based perception technologies, such as cameras, the 3D data from LiDAR produces highly detailed, accurate spatial measurements (LiDAR sensors achieve centimeter-level accuracy) (4) and works in a range of environments and contexts, such as during the night or in direct sunlight.

Besides, when deployed at scale, LiDAR offers this important nontechnical advantage: no personally identifiable information is ever captured, allowing cities to protect personal information.

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