Intelligent LiDAR Point Clouds

As a follow up to the last post on BIM there have been a couple of comments on the LinkedIn Laser Scanning Forum that I wanted to be sure readers were aware of. As a side note I have found these LinkedIn forums to be a valuable source of professional networking.

The key theme to come out of the discussion is the idea of working with the point clouds to add intelligence, rather than converting into CAD. I am aware of a number of software companies, particularly in the plant space that are pursuing this approach. The plant world seems to be a fairly constrained environment, but I suppose you could argue that about an office building.

In any case, the idea of adding intelligence to point clouds is a software architecture that deserves more consideration. Once again it is the customer who can make this happen – sooner rather than later.


  • Hi Gene,
    I have been following your post for a while now and have found your insight to be very valuable and insightful. I have been asked to speak at the CLSA conference in Las Vegas this coming spring to talk about BIM and how it relates to Surveyors. I am very interested in your thoughts. OF course, Laser Scanning in of itself is not BIM but it application within a BIM workflow something I am planning to speak about.

    Regards, John

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