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Intel Selling Drones

Airscope, a Perth, Australia-based inspections and asset visualization company, uses the Intel Falcon 8+ drone to capture highly accurate images to create 3-D models. The Intel Falcon 8+ drone is a multirotor-style drone that, through pre-programmed flight plans, is able to capture hundreds of aerial images per flight. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

If you think that Intel is just pursuing promotional events, like the recent Olympics, with their Drone Team then you will likely be interested to know that they are actually selling UAVs and working with partners to demonstrate their capabilities. And I bet you thought they were just a chip company.

For example Intel recently worked with Australian-based Airscope to map a facility off the northwest shelf of Australia with their patented, v-shaped Falcon 8+ system. The purpose was to generate a complete and accurate 3D model of the hydrocarbon processing facility.

“We made the transition to asset visualization because UAV inspection only gave clients a fraction of the story; without context, the full potential of images captured cannot be realized,” says Chris Leslie, Airscope’s director and a certified commercial airline pilot. “So now we create a virtual canvas of the entire site using airborne photogrammetry, ground photogrammetry and laser scanning. Once the virtual canvas is created, you can paint any operational or planning data on it, to serve as a human medium to access and interact with big data.”

Intel is also offering a fixed wing UAS, a quadcopter and a computer kit that enables you to develop your own UAS platform. They certainly have the resources to become a major player in this market.

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