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Intel Geospatial – Powerful Cloud Data Management Platform

graphic of Intel Geospatial Platform
Intel Geospatial Platform

Intel Geospatial Launches Cloud Geovisual Data Management Platform Featuring Multi-Source 3D Data and AI-Powered Analytics

Intel known more for its chip making which has suffered recently from competition in the form of AMD and others is launching a services business. With support from the Intel Emerging Growth Incubation Group they have assembled a internal team as well as a number of industry partners to go after the geospatial information market. With the resources of an Intel they are likely to be a very important player. Look out Esri, Hexagon, Microsoft, IBM – it’s a rapidly growing list – here comes Intel.

The Intel Geospatial cloud platform is launching today to transform the way industries manage their assets, including Utilities, Smart cities, and Oil and Gas. By providing customers with a unified platform that features a broad range of multi-source data types, geovisual data management, immersive 3D visualization, analytic applications, and enterprise integration, Intel Geospatial is turning labor-intensive asset management into a streamlined, data-driven science, making it easy to extract business insights at scale.

The Intel Geospatial platform provides unprecedented access to a wide range of high-quality 2D and 3D geospatial data and analytic applications through our ecosystem of trusted partners. Supporting both current and future use cases, this growing ecosystem provides our customers with the tools they need to transform geospatial data into smarter, more efficient business solutions.

Industry Benefits

Boost productivity with actionable insights
Solve complex use cases with reliable AI-assisted intelligence
Streamline operations by integrating intelligence with enterprise workflows
Optimize asset and risk management operations
Maximize GIS investments and augment systems of record

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