Inside the Vehicle Lidar

This partnership has the potential to solve a number of the issues with lidar sensors and inclement weather. One of the leading suppliers of automotive windshields, AGC Automotive has combined forces with yet another lidar start-up, Dibotics to offer the first inside the vehicle product.

According to the press release the key is the development of a special integrated infrared transparent glass developed by AGC.

As partners, AGC Automotive and Dibotics share the same vision of autonomous vehicles: both are device agnostic and can work with every type of LiDAR sensor. Both companies strongly believe that LiDAR will be the key enabler for autonomous vehicles, combined with other sensors to provide maximum safety to drivers. They are both also fully convinced that design will remain a main topic and a powerful trigger for autonomous vehicles adoption.

The Dibotics founders have a background in SLAM. They are offering a suite of intellectual property, algorithms and engineering services to achieve mobile autonomy, advanced 3D perception and situation awareness.

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