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Inside Revit 2021 – A Series of Introductory Training Videos

Intro slide Inside Revit 2021
Inside Revit 2021
Intro slide Inside Revit 2021

Inside Revit 2021

Dan Edleson, Founder of STEREO and Revit guru has been hard at work creating a series of focused, small bite training videos that put you inside Revit 2021, the latest release from Autodesk. Dan has had some of the highest blog post traffic of anyone in the history of Lidar News. When you get tired of playing video games, be sure to have a look at what Dan has created.

From a blog post by Dan Edleson.

Welcome to Inside Revit 2021. If you have been using the software for a while you will likely find moments of excitement with some of the new features (yay slanted walls!) while disappointment for a lack of others (search a hashtag or two on Twitter for some good grumbles). There’s a lot of what one would call minor tweaks, and I would say overall this is a good thing. Sure, there’s a lot Revit could do great, but it’s been doing a lot of good for at least a decade, and until there’s a significant shift in the industry it’s still the most relevant BIM software out there.

In this post we are going to focus on architecture-specific features because that is the expertise of STEREO. We are also going to avoid diving into the new Generative Design features or Dynamo 2.5, as those things really require an in-depth exploration. We will go into those in later posts. So let’s look now at the features that are going to affect the way you work in Revit on a daily basis.

For the Inside Revit 2021 training video series CLICK HERE.

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