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Infrastructure Management in Real Time with Lidar and 5G

Image of Infrastructure Management in Real Time with Lidar
Infrastructure Management in Real Time with Lidar

Vortex IoT, a disruptive UK-based IoT solutions company has developed a new Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) remote condition monitoring system to help improve asset and infrastructure management in urban environments by harnessing the unique capabilities of 3D LiDAR sensing, 5G wireless technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

From an article in Air Quality News.

The award-winning CURBS (Continuous Urban Scanner) system, uses LiDAR data from Cepton, along with advanced AI software and machine learning to enable real-time, accurate, remote condition monitoring of an urban environment. Deployment involves the retrofit of CURBS product to vehicles, and creating a real-time 3D mapping and dynamic monitoring system.

The product can be mounted on public transportation, such as bus fleets, refuse collection trucks and mobile enforcement vehicles to name but a few. CURBS provides detailed 3D point cloud visualizations of each vehicle’s surroundings as it travels.

CURBS will stream the vast amount of processed information over 5G networks, curating detailed, accurate 3D maps that are constantly being updated in real-time.

Crucially, these maps not only help to provide real-time insights to services such as road maintenance and traffic management but also demonstrate how asset managers can leverage the vehicles that are constantly using our city and urban areas to generate intelligent sensor data.

This not only enabled a new paradigm of remote condition monitoring and asset management but also contributes to net-zero carbon targets.

This presents a step-change opportunity to infrastructure and asset managers/owners who currently rely on the use of costly labour, carbon and manual interventions.

These interventions frequently have inaccurate data from a whole cottage industry of unstructured and inconsistent reporting formats (e.g., paper-based, spreadsheets, word of mouth and visual inspections). The CURBS product is currently in pilot phase and forms an integral part of the West Midlands 5G testbed programme.

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