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imaging roverThis article in Hydrocarbon Engineering proposes the use of “industrial geomatics” as an emerging part of the 3D intelligent management of plant facilities. It is an interesting combination of terms and I think it helps to describe what has been a challenging category of 3D data capture to properly identify.

A technician uses an imaging rover to collect images and position data on a pipeline weld prior to trenching and backfill. High-resolution photos capture inspection data inked onto the pipe. A GNSS receiver integrated on the top of the imaging rover provides centimeter-level georeferencing. Credit: Trimble

They report, “Industrial geomatics combines new geospatial technologies with modern information management to support work in plant design and construction, operations and lifecycle management. IG moves beyond traditional industrial surveying by leveraging 3D laser scanning, terrestrial imaging and visualisation tools to deliver visual and empirical data.

The combined technologies produce a dense flow of information for design, construction, procurement and project management. By going beyond traditional spatial information of position and description, IG helps operators to answer questions about condition and status of facilities and equipment, how to maintain and repair them, and how to do so safely.”

I like the “imaging rover” concept as well.

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