Indoor Navigation Coalition

When GPS began to move into the consumer market people began to realize there is a difference between mapping and navigation. I started a consulting business at that time – MPN Components – Mapping, Positioning and Navigation. I was hoping to cover all three different tasks.

Brent Gelhar provided this heads up concerning a new indoor navigation, industry trade group – the In-Location Alliance. With companies like Broadcom, Nokia, Sony Mobile, Samsung, and Qualcomm on board I think Brent has identified a very important development.

Once again this points out how the consumer electronics industry, unlike AEC tends to support standards. They know this is the fastest way to launch a new technology. This group plans to use Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi to make indoor navigation work. Sounds doable.

It would seem that this app would require a map on which to navigate. Could be a BIG opportunity for indoor mapping. Think Navteq.


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2 Responses to Indoor Navigation Coalition

  1. Brian says:

    With accurate BIM models, MEP components for example, could be located and viewed with Augmented Reality on your tablet by walking through the building and seeing whats behind walls and above ceilings at desired locations.

    • Joe Evans says:

      Bryan, a great idea, but don’t limit AR to only tablets 🙂 BIM and MEP are poised to benefit highly from AR but within the next 5-7 years “tablets” will already be obsolete. This coalition is a great idea made so much more powerful by aggregating all the players in the mobile markets to adopt this crowd-sourced method of mapping for use in “other technologies”–technologies we are exploring and would love to further develop with new collaborators.

      The future is wonderful and quickly approaching.

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