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Indoor Mobile Mapping System Simplifies 3D Data Capture

image of Indoor Mobile Mapping Documents Cigar Factory
Indoor Mobile Mapping Documents Cigar Factory

Learn how SurvTech Solutions rolled out the NavVis M6 Indoor Mobile Mapping System to capture 44,000 square feet of the Perfecto Garcia Cigar Factory in Florida.

From a NavVis blog post by Bulent Yusuf.

Located in the Sunshine State of Florida, the site of the old Perfecto Garcia & Brothers Cigar Factory is a 44,000 square foot brick building with three floors and a basement. It was built in 1914, and the company remained there for almost 70 years until it finally closed its doors in 1982.

The current owners of the building had commissioned a group of architects and engineers to design a new support structure to replace the old wooden beams and columns. Essential to the renovation would be to have the exact dimensions of the building and its existing structural components. But because of the building’s age, there were no design or as-built documentation available to help the engineers and architects in their task.

Enter SurvTech Solutions, the premier geospatial firm in the southeast United States. “SurvTech Solutions offers precision 3D data capture from airplanes, UAVs, boats, USV, automobiles, ATVs, and amphibious vehicles,” explains founder and president, David O’Brien. “We can map above ground, underground, underwater, and inside plants and buildings.”

Given the opportunity to fully document the vacant building, SurvTech personnel knew immediately that the right mapping tool for the job was terrestrial LiDAR, or 3D scanning. They utilized a combination of scan data from their NavVis M6 Indoor Mobile Mapping System (IMMS) and a terrestrial laser scanner (TLS).

Historical Building Documentation in the 21st Century

“Recently, SurvTech Solutions added the NavVis M6 IMMS to our scanning toolbox, and this is great news for our clients,” David says. “Having provided indoor and outdoor 3D laser scanning services for over a decade, we are increasing our efficiency with a new style of mobile scanning specifically designed for larger indoor environments.”

3D scanning offers the user the ability to measure buildings and factories to within several millimeters of accuracy, by utilizing a laser to collect billions of measurements in 360° in all directions. The surrounding environment is captured in its exact size and shape through the accumulation of billions of points with x,y,z coordinates. The resulting point cloud can then be used to create a virtual recreation of its physical counterpart, often referred to as a “digital twin”.

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