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Indoor Mapping System Update

Viametris-iMS3D-indoor-3D-scannerViametris is one of the leading indoor mapping system integrators. Their latest system the iMS 3D includes the SBG SYSTEMS’ miniature AHRS (attitude and heading reference system), the Ellipse-A.

Based on the SLAM technology, the iMS 3D is equipped with three LiDARs profilers, each taking 40,000 points per second:

  • the main LiDAR provides the horizontal profile,
  • the other two lateral LiDARs give vertical profiles including the ceiling.

While the user walks, pushing the iMS 3D at normal speed, the 3D profile of the room appears on the screen since the system records 3D measurements of the same room. During the survey, the 360° camera takes a spherical picture every two meters for a full documentation of the building.

In the office, the user accesses a centimeter-level accuracy 3D survey as a point cloud (and pictures) by using the VIAMETRIS processing and browsing software.

Keeping LiDAR and camera data precisely synchronized can be difficult because the camera focal time is susceptible to vary. In mobile scanning, even a slight latency might cause an offset. For example, the picture will not be located on the right place inside the point cloud. VIAMETRIS decided to connect the camera and the three LiDARs to the Ellipse-A to ensure a highly accurate and repeatable synchronization.

The other challenge with this system is how to manage multiple floor projects.

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