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Indian Researchers Restoring Tribal Art with Lidar

photo of Indian Researchers Preserving Art with 3D Laser Scanning

Indian Researchers Preserving Art with 3D Laser Scanning

Technological advancements over the past few decades have changed how we live our lives. The number of applications of technology in real-life scenarios is numerous. Here is an episode where technology is being used by Indian researchers to restore art that is at risk. Based out of Odisha, the Centurion University is preserving tribal art and culture from the state in 3D format.

From an article in GIZBOT by Sharmish Datti.

3D Technology For Preserving Tribal Art

Art restoration in 2D format has already been underway. However, it was often found to miss out on the finer details of the traditional art forms. The answer is 3D technology, say the researchers of the Centurion University’s Gram Tarang vocational institute. The institute is also working with farmers to bring out smart agricultural practices in Odisha. Under the new 3D technology for preserving art, more than 4,000 artifacts belonging to five of the 62 tribes across Odisha have already been preserved in 3D digital format. This method also included audio and visuals. The restored documents are accessible online for scholars and researchers working on tribal art.

The 3D art restoration program team has worked on textile, weaponry, household artifacts, agricultural tools and practices, musical instruments, and also religious idols. The team felt that given another decade or two, the tribal art would be lost forever. Preserving them now was essential.

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