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In the Scan Blog Honored by FeedSpot

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Lidar News, the parent of the In the Scan blog was recently honored by FeedSpot as one of the “35 Best 3D Scanning Blogs” on the Internet.  In fact, we were ranked second out of the entire group. We want to thank all of our loyal readers for this honor and as the number 2 rental car company, Avis used to say – “We Try Harder!”

It has been an amazing run. Since 2008 Lidar News has posted on the In the Scan blog almost every day over the past 15 years. That adds up to over 6,000 In the Scan blog posts.

A lot has changed since we started when tripod and airborne laser scanners were the only option. Today you have a lidar sensor on your iPhone, relatively low cost drones with lidar and mobile data collection systems that can collect over 2 million points per second at 70 miles per hour.

The Lidar News website is the home of the LiDAR Industry. We are focused on promoting, improving, and developing lidar technology and 3D laser scanning along with a number of related technologies such as unmanned aerial systems, autonomous vehicles, drones, and photogrammetry.

FeedSpot is a News and Blog Reader. It’s a place where users can read all their favorite websites in one place. We are based in the U.S. The FeedSpot editorial team extensively searched on Google and social media websites to find the best 3D Scanning blogs and ranked them based on several factors such as.

  1. Blog content quality
  2. Post consistency
  3. Age of the blog
  4. Average number of shares on social sites for your blog posts
  5. Traffic on your blog and more

For additional information CLICK HERE.

Finally a special thanks to Sarah and Nathan Roe for their continuous and loyal support. Here’s to another 15!!

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