Improved 3D Data Visualization

  1. Topcon’s latest version of their Scanmaster software features frustum culling.
  2. This is a common technique in 3D computer graphics.
  3. Not sure if this is new to the point cloud data visualization game.

In reading a recent press release from Topcon concerning the latest version of their Scanmaster software they were touting some of the new features that would “allow customers to handle larger data sets, faster”. This included new culling features and in particular, something they referred to as frustum culling.

That was a new term for me so time for a Wikipedia visit – see image of a view frustum below.

Turns out at least in terms of 3D computer graphics that frustum culling is not a new idea. In fact it seems to be a well established technique. My question is whether Topcon is one of first to apply this to point clouds, or is this standard procedure? The efficiency comes from not rendering points outside the view frustum. They have also added what they call Smart Resolution, which automatically renders point clouds at the display resolution.

So long as the user has knowledge and control over these automated features it would seem that these could be powerful productivity tools.

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