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Important Scanner Evaluation at NIST

ASTM 250I just received the following message from the ASTM E57.02 committee. I will keep you informed of the results of this important activity.

“I am writing to you about ongoing activity within E57.02 to create a point-to-point performance evaluation standard for spherical coordinate 3D imaging systems.

At NIST, we are setting up a facility to perform all of the test procedures currently in the draft document. During the first week of May, we are organizing an instrument-runoff/meeting here. FARO, Leica and Surphaser folks are bringing their latest scanners, NRC folks will be here, and possibly some users as well.

The plan is for the manufacturers to come in on Tue/Wed (5/3 and 5/4) of that week and run the test procedures that are currently in our draft standard. We will have a meeting on the morning  of Thu 5/5 to discuss any issues/concerns and how to move the document forward.

Kudos to all involved. This is real progress.


  • I suspect any manufacturer that really wanted to be involved could do so for the asking.

    Not all manufacturers will want to be compared to the competition in a public format especially with an impartial 3rd party analysis.

    The different manufacturers also usually focus on slightly different strong points of their particular implementation of a common technology. This makes otherwise fair comparisons possibly somewhat misleading.

    It will be good to get things rolling in this format instead head to head shootouts on customers sites.

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