Immersive Visualization of LiDAR Data

Oliver Kreylos is part of a research project at the University of California at Davis to develop the next generation of LiDAR visualization software. I was not able to view the video on the site, but from the description it sounds like the user gets the sense of being immersed in the point cloud and interacting with the data in real time.

In any case the software is capable of managing extremely large data sets and is certainly pushing the envelope on LiDAR data visualization with the use of input devices and point source illumination.

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  1. Gary M. Bertolo says:

    As an application of Immersion Visualization LIDAR Data from the peering into the realm of bodies of water and scanning; will this new technology be used to or be able to Point Cloud scan the laminar flows of water qualities?

    Given the nature of the hydrologic layer stacking properties of water (layers riding upon layers), will this lend itself to the visualizing abilities of study not only to the bottom geometries, but also retrieve Point Cloud data within the layers showing say pollution zones; i.e. oil spills, trash dumps, afloat within a specific zonal layer (based upon its own density characteristics)? This would be of some interest.

    Keep up the fine work on LIDAR Data facts gathering industry Gene… been following your columns for some time now, it’s a blast.

    Peace and Regards,

    Gary M. Bertolo

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