Immersive LiDAR-based Racing Experience

  1. Real Time Race is developing a product that will put gamers in their own car racing against the pros during a live race.
  2. I believe they are using the Velodyne 64E to do the scanning.
  3. Negotiations are in progress to launch the service in 2010. This is going to be HUGE.

I think I have noted this in the past – I am a car nut. I don’t work on them, my brother is the hot rod builder, but I love to drive them. This new online service is going to put gamers in their own car with real time race coverage allowing you to virtually race against the professionals. I got to try this.

The company is Real Time Race and the plan is for them to go out  just before the race and collect video as well as 3D scanned data of the race track. From the intro video it looks like they are using the Velodyne 64E, which I have not heard a word about for almost a year. They use the point clouds to overlay the video creating a highly accurate track environment, and then the real fun begins.

Somehow through the magic of the Internet they are going to place you in your car on the screen with the real drivers and cars that are in the race.  You can race against the pros. It will work with your Xbox,Wii, Playstation, computer or TV. The only catch is you have to wait until 2010 as negotiations are still underway. This may be the silver bullet that NASCAR is looking for. In case you have not heard their business is off too.

If they can get this to work it is going to be HUGE.

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