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ILMF 2014

I just booked my flight for Denver so that I can attend ILMF 2014. It will be held at the Hyatt Regency again this year from February 17 -19. This will be the first one since Diversified Communications purchased this event this past April. SPAR Europe and ELMF were combined this fall into one event, but for 2014 SPAR and ILMF will remain separate.

A quick look at the agenda indicates there will be a number of interesting presentations primarily from the airborne and mobile side including data fusion, bathymetric, corridor mapping and emergency response. I hope to see you many of you there.


  • I will be there and would love to show off my new solutions with the new Intergraph release portfolio for 2014. Heck maybe you can join me for a day on the slopes! See you then.

  • Chris is definitely one the lenadig experts in the area of topographic/bathymetric lidar. He has been conducting research for many, many years in this area (even before teaching at CCOM JHC) and has done some really great, innovative work.This video is certainly a clear and compelling depiction of the complex technology that is deployed in mapping the coast.

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