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ILMF 2012 Day 1

ILMF 2012 got off to a great start with record attendance and number of exhibitors. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Lewis Graham explained the new features of LAS 1.4. He noted that none of the vendors are supporting it yet and that there was a need for someone to develop a file validator software.
  • Karl Heidemann from the USGS discussed the NGP LiDAR spec and the fact that he is optimistic that Version 1 will be released in the near future. He also believes that there will soon be a LiDAR Best Practices manual from the ASPRS committee.
  • There were a number of discussions on the need for a standard method for checking the horizontal accuracy of an airborne LiDAR survey.
  • The ASPRS Mobile Mapping Committee is also working on a Best Practices document.
  • Dave Maune from Dewberry reported on a highly detailed cost benefit analysis that was done for the USGS on the appropriate level of detail and the update frequency for a national LiDAR program. An 8 year revisit with a resolution of 1 to 2 points per square meter had the highest rate of return.
  • The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries – DOGAMI reported on their innovative cost sharing program for securing LiDAR data. Online data distribution is one of their few challenges.
  • A $3 billion dollar pipeline project was advanced using airborne LiDAR instead of on the ground surveys. Communication was one of the major issues.
  • Dr. Ayman Habib reported excellent results from a simplified, quasi-rigorous approach to calibrating airborne LiDAR systems.
  • I did not attend but I understand the Basics to LiDAR Workshop was well attended and beneficial.

The second day will feature a dual track in the morning – Data Fusion and Coastal Zone and in  the afternoon the focus will be on recent projects. The exhibitors seemed quite busy.

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