IHEEP 2012 and Hank Williams

What does the Hank Williams Museum and IHEEP 2012 have in common? They are both in Montgomery, Alabama. I took a brief tour of the museum today and was struck by the fact that what many say is the best country singer/songwriter of all time died at the age of 29. One can only imagine what he would have done if he and so many others had lived a normal life span.

At the conference today the emphasis was on 3D geospatial technology. Keith Parker from Mississippi DOT discussed an application they have developed to make all of their survey data available through a GIS database – impressive. They use Oracle as the link between Bentley Map and GeoMedia. They also have most of the parcel maps for the state in the system.

Ron Singh from Oregon DOT explained his 25 year vision for comprehensive automation and collaborative engineering. Ron has spent a lot of time developing this strategy. I wish there were a way to engage senior management in the discussion and implementation.

Unfortunately I was not able to listen to the entire presentation but Stan Burns, the Asset Management Director for Utah DOT explained how they have mobile laser scanned the entire state, spending $2.5 million and engaging most of the departments in the process. Utah DOT’s motto is “Good Roads Cost Less.” They are putting their money where there mouth is.


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