ICEYE Gets $34 Million for SAR Microsatellites

From an article by Michael Sheetz (@thesheetztweetz):

ICEYE is a high tech start-up based in Finland that just secured another $34 million in financing for what they promise will be the world’s largest Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) microsatellite constellation.

The company’s goal is to build a constellation that can be tasked to image anywhere in the world within an hour, according to CEO Rafael Modrzewski. Two years of funding toward nine satellites gets ICEYE halfway to its goal of 18, which the CEO said would be capable of imaging anywhere in the world in 3 hours. With the previous largest SAR constellation only totaling four satellites, ICEYE is on track to surpass that before 2020.

The cost to build and launch each ICEYE microsatellite is close to the recent amount of funding raised, Modrzewski said, meaning each comes with a price tag near $3 million. ICEYE has “identified over 50 improvements based on” the X1 mission, he added.

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