Hyperspectral Follow Up

  1. Yesterday was one of the highest traffic days for In the Scan. Thanks.
  2. It appears that combining hyperspectral and LiDAR has a bright future.
  3. One example cited was to use the LiDAR data to remove all objects less than 7 feet in height, which simplified the HSI classification process.

O.K., now we’re talking, or at least communicating. I received 4 responses to my request for information on the benefits of using LiDAR with hyperspectral. That makes this blogging process a lot more fun and interesting. I was surprised to see such interest in hyperspectral, but it is a powerful technology.


Some of the highlights:

  1. Bill Emison from Merrick reports that they have been flying a LiDAR/HSI multi-sensor package for some time, and that they believe this approach provides significant value for certain applications. He provided a slide presentation involving a study of eagle habitat. Bill offered to provide a webinar on their technology. If you are interested please let me know.
  2. Bill Gutelius at Active Imaging Systems provided links to a couple of Stanford research projects where they are flying LiDAR and HSI. He highly recommends the work being done there.
  3. Harold Rempel at URS Corp raised a number of important questions concerning sensor/data fusion. Please refer to the comment section.
  4. Dan (no last name provided) also contributed a number of valuable comments. He noted the ability of LiDAR to provide better geographic coordinates for the HSI data, and what I thought was a great example of the synergy of fusing the 2 – using LiDAR data to remove all objects in the scene that were less than 7 feet in height, since they were looking for a certain tree species’ spectral signature.

BTW, the NY Times reports that 95% of blogs are now dormant. Yesterday was one of the highest traffic days for In the Scan to date. Thanks for your increasing and continuing support.

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