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How Behavior Impacts Measurement

The Coordinate Metrology Society just released a very interesting study entitled, “How Behavior Impacts Your Measurement”. The research was conducted at the CMSC annual meeting. More than 100 conference attendees participated in the data collection activity coordinated by the National Physical Laboratory (UK) assisted by members of the CMS Certification Committee.

During the two-day study, participants were asked to perform three tasks using portable 3D coordinate metrology equipment for data acquisition. The results indicate the importance of establishing best practices as the methods used to make measurements can have a dramatic impact on the results.

“The outcome of this study drives home the importance of defined best practices, and understanding measurement fundamentals that enable an individual to make informed judgments about a measurement… irrespective of the technology used whether it is hand tools or 3D portable metrology systems,” states one of the authors, Keith Bevan. “Clearly, questioning and planning the requirements of the measurement help reduce the possibility of making poor measurements.”


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