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How AVs Should Identify and Interact with Cyclists

image of How AVS Should Interact with Cyclists - Photo by Jared Wickerham
How AVS Should Interact with Cyclists - Photo by Jared Wickerham

Argo AI, an autonomous driving technology company, teamed up with advocacy group the League of American Cyclists (LAB) to come up with guidelines for how AVs should identify and interact with cyclists. The goal is to set a standard for other AV companies in the industry to follow, particularly as the self-driving industry moves away from testing and toward commercialization and will become more commonplace in the coming years.

From an article in Tech Crunch by Rebecca Bellan.

The World Health Organization estimates that 41,000 cyclists are killed in road traffic-related incidents every year. While self-driving vehicles are expected to reduce collisions significantly, much of that anticipated safety is a result of good coding at the start. Self-driving cars learn from massive databases that categorize and identify objects and situations that might arise, and Argo’s guidelines emphasize training its models in a way that specifically notes cyclists, cycling infrastructure and cycling laws.

“The creation of these guidelines is part of Argo’s dedication to building trust with community members and developing a self-driving system that provides a level of comfort to cyclists, by behaving consistently and safely,” Peter Rander, president and co-founder of Argo AI, said in a statement. “We encourage other autonomous vehicle developers to adopt them as well to further build trust among vulnerable road users.”

Argo, which currently operates self-driving test vehicles throughout the U.S. and parts of Germany, said it collaborated with LAB’s community to hear about common cyclist behaviors and interactions with vehicles. Together, Argo and LAB came up with six technical guidelines for self-driving systems to detect cyclists, predict cyclist behavior and drive consistently.

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