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Hexagon User Conference 2011 Review

Just a quick heads up for those that might be interested, American Surveyor has published a detailed review of the recent Hexagon User Conference 2011. Gavin Schrock focused on the survey side, and I focused on laser scanning. Even for people who attended this might be worth a quick look as it was impossible to one person to cover it all.

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  • Gene and Gavin, Thanks for such an informative article in American Surveyor. It shows that Hexagon is really on a roll.

    I can’t wait to see a demo of the 3D Disto. A traditional Disto is capable of so much and it’s exciting to think about the ways that the 3D model can be put to use in practical applications. It will lead to an entirely new way of thinking about capturing geometry and putting it to use downstream, and may be complimentary to laser scanning.

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