Hexagon Acquires SigmaSpace

sigmaWell this might have been the big news at ILMF next week, but Hexagon has chosen to preempt that venue with a press release announcing that they have acquired Washington, DC-based SigmaSpace Corporation.

This is a fit on at least two levels. The first is as Ola Rollén, Hexagon President and CEO noted, “The capabilities offered by SigmaSpace nicely complement our current technologies and will positively impact our Imagery Programme – which makes quality geospatial imagery, captured with our airborne sensors, available through the cloud.”  That is the data play.

The second is the fact that SigmaSpace has a single photon lidar system which now allows Hexagon to cover that base and compete with the Harris Geiger-mode system.

On the surface it appears to be a very strategic business move.

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