Hexagon 2012 Day 2

The HDS sessions were split into 3 tracks today – forensic, plant and “other”, which had a number of mining, BIM, digital heritage and unique offshore applications. A common theme in the sessions I attended was “the little engine that could” – small companies doing some amazing laser scanning projects around the world.

Geoff Jacobs spends a lot of time in interviewing prospective speakers – I tried to pitch him on an E57 update as Geosystems is supporting it, but he did not bite. It was mentioned a couple of times as a standard that they do support.

I think it takes quite a leap of faith to invest $150k in a scanner and software, especially if you are a small company, but many at the conference then find they are using that scanner in ways they did not expect to. If you have someone who is creative and can hustle the work then I still think you are getting in on the ground floor.

I asked Ola Rollen whether he thought there was any conflict with the investment in Blom last week and the fact that many of Hexagon’s customers are in the same business. He sees it as gaining access to data and as a good investment. He also discussed a number of other ideas related to hosting data. This maybe signalling a move into the data business.

Leaving Las Vegas – Go Celtics. Hexagon has committed to a 3 year deal, so we will all be back.

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