Hexagon 2011 to Open in Orlando

I am off to attend the Hexagon 2011 user conference in Orlando, FL. This is the first time that Hexagon Metrology, Leica Geosystems, which includes Leica HDS and Intergraph are holding this combined conference. I am very excited to learn what the plans are for the future in terms of systems integration.

Hexagon has a unique opportunity to link their real time sensors with a number of powerful geospatial and design software platforms. Stay tuned and I hope to see a number of you there.

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  1. Steve Jones says:

    Mr. Roe,
    I am glad you are attending. My company does many airborne LiDAR projects in the Pacific North West and no one form our Seattle office could go to the Orlando Hexagon event, so I will be most interested to see what you may be able to post to enlighten us West Coasters 🙂
    Steve Jones

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