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Heathrow Airport Crowd Monitoring with Lidar

Image of Heathrow Airport Crowd Monitoring

Skyfii Ltd (ASX:SKF, OTC:SFIIF), a data collection and intelligence company, has secured a multi-year extended contract with London Heathrow Airport in the UK for an upgrade and expansion of SKF’s LiDAR technology at the airport. London Heathrow Airport crowd monitoring based on lidar has proven its value and the contract is now being extended.

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The expanded contract is valued at more than A$1.8 million and will involve Skyfii deploying LiDAR sensor technology across the T2 Check-In, T4 Check-In and T5 Immigration terminals.

“We are extremely pleased to extend our association with London Heathrow Airport,” Skyfii chief operating officer John Rankin said.

“Our industry-leading LiDAR technology and associated solutions deliver a real-time view of passenger movement through mass-transit hubs delivering data insights and operational efficiencies to venues.”

Tracking passenger flow in real time

Heathrow is ranked the number one airport in Europe by number of passenger journeys, meaning it sees some of the highest passenger flow of any airport in the region.

Skyfii’s technology solutions are designed to provide live people flow mapping, auto queue detection and integration with third-party data sets, including the airport’s own flight database.

This extra level of data insights then allows the airport to gain a greater understanding of the flow of passenger movement, offering opportunities to enhance efficiency and the customer experience of moving through the airport’s operations.

Skyfii says it continues to see strong demand for its queue management solution for ticketing and LiDAR-based security checkpoint solutions across the airport and mass transit hub verticals, which in 2021 represented market shares of US$706.8 million (compounding annual growth rate of 7.2%) and US$37.81 billion (CAGR of 5.92%) respectively.

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