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Hack Partners Creates InfraHack with Bentley

Hack Partners with their Hacktrain platform, not to be confused with Hackatrain is a group of innovators that believe that through collaboration they can achieve anything. They have already achieved impressive results in the rail industry, now they are turning their attention to infrastructure.

Hack Partners Presents InfraHack graphic

Hack Partners Presents InfraHack

Hack Partners creates industry hackathons, innovative technology, data analytics and provides strategic advise. Hacktrain 5.0, powered by Hack Partners is a platform for driving innovation in the rail industry.They are based in the UK.

Keith Bentley, CTO of Bentley Systems mentioned last week that the two groups would be working together to stage Infrahack, an important hackathon, based in part on the iModel.js open source project that Lidar News recently covered.

What’s the history on Hack Partners? A curious 25 year old entrepreneur living in the north of England simply asked “Why?”.

Why did the train company not tell him in advance his train was running 30 minutes late? Why was the train’s WiFi constantly cutting in and out? Why were trains so drastically different depending on the time of day?

It was by asking “Why” hundreds of times over an 8-month period that the Founder of Hack Partners, River Tamoor Baig, realized the rail industry was far more complex than he (and the general public) could ever imagine.

River called to bring about change in the colossal 200 year old rail industry, but he knew he couldn’t do it alone, so he put Hack Partners together and began to get the attention of the rail industry.

Hack Partners in collaboration with Bentley Systems will be sponsoring InfraHack in early 2019.

So if you are interested in offering your talent to this effort click here.

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