Guidelines for Procurement of Aerial LiDAR Mapping Services

  1. The current issue of the ASPRS Journal includes the recently approved ASPRS Professional Services Guidelines.
  2. ACSM and MAPPS contributed to the development and review.
  3. The Guidelines are based in part on Qualifications-based Selection – QBS.

The current issue of the ASPRS Journal online includes the recently approved ASPRS Guidelines for the procurement of LiDAR and other remotely sensed geospatial data collected using an aerial platform. The ASPRS points out that the Guidelines apply to professional services, as opposed to products or technical services. In addition to the ASPRS, MAPPS and the ACSM also contributed to the document. The last time this was addressed was in 1986.

The document is intended to provide those who are in the market to procure remote-sensor based geospatial data with a standard process for selecting the best firm. The Guidelines do support Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) procurement as opposed to making a selection based on price alone. The issue of requiring licensure is also addressed.

This is certainly an important resource that can be used to educate and help buyers of these services to make better informed purchasing decisions.

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